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“Al Chiroq” campaign

“Al Chiroq” campaign
Exclusively for Ucell subscribers we launched “Al Chiroq” campaign, which provides minutes within Uzbekistan, SMS packages or megabytes of internet for only 100 UZS* per day!

We inform you about the successful launch of the new version of the Al-Chiroq application in the form of a Telegram bot @Al_chiroqbot
It offers the following features:
Take the chance to get various bonuses three times within one day;
Independently choose the bonuses from those offered using the "Premium Lamp" option;
Download original animated stickers-informers in the style of Al-Chiroq.


Get minutes, SMS and MB!

The cost of participation in the campaign is only 100 UZS* per day!

Taking part in the campaign is very simple!

To join it is enough to:

Install the application for Android or iOS.

Register on the start page, indicating Ucell phone number and access password, which will be sent to indicated number via SMS.

Rub a magic lamp, and then see a gift on the screen that will be instantly credited to the balance of the number!

Download and install Al-Chiroq application


For iOS


For Android


Cost and management

*Daily subscriber fee

from 20.04.2021 to 10.05.2021 – 1 UZS per day
from 10.05.2021 to 20.04.2022 (dates inclusive) – 100 UZS per day

Campaign management

In mobile app «Al-Chiroq»

To check the balance of the limits

dial *467#

  • Important! From September 22, 2021, changes will be made to the conditions of the “Al-Chiroq” campaign. The new conditions of the promotion can be found here.
  • The campaign is available only for Prepaid subscribers.
  • The validity period of the campaign is from from 20.04.2021 to 20.04.2022 (dates inclusive).
  • Within the framework of the campaign is drawn:

Service name Limits validity period   Service name Limits validity period
1 Internet package 100 MB 7 days   16 Internet package 850 MB 7 days
2 Internet package 150 MB 7 days   17 Internet package 900 MB 7 days
3 Internet package 200 MB 7 days   18 Internet package 950 MB 7 days
4 Internet package 250 MB 7 days   19 Internet package 1000 MB* 30 days
5 Internet package 300 MB 7 days   20 Internet package 5000 MB** 30 days
6 Internet package 350 MB 7 days   21 SMS package 50 7 days
7 Internet package 400 MB 7 days   22 SMS package 100 7 days
8 Internet package 450 MB 7 days   23 SMS package 200 7 days
9 Internet package 500 MB 7 days   24 SMS package 500 7 days
10 Internet package 550 MB 7 days   25 30 minutes 7 days
11 Internet package 600 MB 7 days   26 60 minutes 7 days
12 Internet package 650 MB 7 days   27 120 minutes 7 days
13 Internet package 700 MB 7 days   28 180 minutes 7 days
14 Internet package 750 MB 7 days   29 1000 minutes* 30 days
15 Internet package 800 MB 7 days   30 3000 minutes** 30 days

  • Services are assigned randomly.
  • Only one service is available for appointment per day.
  • ** Internet package 1000 Mb or 1000 minutes is assigned one time only at the first registration of a subscriber number in the Al-Chiroq app. When re-registering, no limits are assigned.
  • *** Internet package 5000 Mb or 3000 minutes is assigned only once a month.
  • Service limits are assigned with the validity period specified in the table above.
  • Minutes are assigned within Uzbekistan.
  • If the subscriber wishes after the successful delivery of the bonus for the subscription fee, the subscriber can have two more additional attempts to receive the bonus, costing 200 and 300 UZS for the first and second attempts, respectively.
  • For additional 500 UZS, the user is provided with packages from a divided sample of MB/minute according to the following table:

    Premium internet-packages   Premium voice packages
    Service name Limits validity period Service name Limits validity period Service name Limits validity period
    1 Internet-package 100 MB 7 days 12 Internet-package 650 MB 7 days 1 30 minutes 7 days
    2 Internet-package 150 MB 7 days 13 Internet-package 700 MB 7 days 2 60 minutes 7 days
    3 Internet-package 200 MB 7 days 14 Internet-package 750 MB 7 days 3 120 minutes 7 days
    4 Internet-package 250 MB 7 days 15 Internet-package 800 MB 7 days 4 180 minutes 7 days
    5 Internet-package 300 MB 7 days 16 Internet-package 850 MB 7 days 5 1000 minutes* 30 days
    6 Internet-package 350 MB 7 days 17 Internet-package 900 MB 7 days 6 2000 minutes* 30 days
    7 Internet-package 400 MB 7 days 18 Internet-package 950 MB 7 days 7 3000 minutes* 30 days
    8 Internet-package 450 MB 7 days 19 Internet-package 1000 MB* 30 days      
    9 Internet-package 500 MB 7 days 20 Internet-package 2000 MB* 30 days      
    10 Internet-package 550 MB 7 days 21 Internet-package 5000 MB* 30 days      
    11 Internet-package 600 MB 7 days            

    *appointed once a month
  • The purchase of each additional feature for 200 UZS, 300 UZS and 500 UZS (for receiving packages of a divided sample MB/minutes) can be used no more than once a day.
  • For the correct operation of Internet services within the framework of Al-Chiroq promotion, if at the time of activation of the Internet package the session is active, it is necessary to interrupt it and reactivate the session.
  • Service packages may not be consumed if the subscriber has one of the following services active: «Night Internet», «Try 4G», «Traffic +», «Tas-IX packages», «Hourly internet», «Try 4G at night», «Unlimited Internet Packages», «Monthly 4G Internet Packages», «Night Internet Packages», «Internet Mega BOOM», «For Kids», «Maximum Access», «ITV Online Cinema» and vice versa.
  • There is advertising in the mobile application.
  • On TP «Thankfully» and on «Mood» tariff line minutes are spent first according to the tariff plan.
  • On TP «New positive», «More», «Happy 25» and on «Mood» tariff line megabytes are first consumed according to the tariff plan.
  • On «Mood» tariff line SMS are first spent according to the tariff plan.
  • Assigned limits of minutes, SMS and MB within the framework of the "Al Chiroq" promotion will be spent in accordance with the established rules of each tariff plan and active service (if any).
  • With active services: special packages for tariffs "Mood", bonus in U-to'lov, "Convenient within network", "Convenient within Uzbekistan", "Convenient minutes", "0 within network", consumption of limits for minutes, SMS and Internet traffic within the framework of "Al Chiroq" promotion will be carried out last.
  • If a subscriber has bonus limits within the framework of ongoing promotions and services, the assigned minutes, SMS and MB are not added to the previous balance of the limits. At the same time, when checking the balance of the limits using the USSD request *467#, the total value of all limits will be displayed separately, for each type of limits assigned for the promotion or service. The balance time limit for each direction of the assigned minutes, SMS and MB will be equal to the period of the assigned limit. For example, a subscriber used the "Easy Exchange" service and exchanged 100 minutes for 50 MB for a period of 7 days, and then a bonus was assigned within the framework of the "Al Сhiroq" promotion of 1000 MB for 30 days. Both limits will be displayed when dialing the USSD request *467# as a total balance of 1050 MB, displaying the expiration date of the maximum limit. The validity period of each assigned limit will be set according to the terms of the promotion/service, namely 50 MB for 7 days and 1000 MB for 30 days.
  • Also, The Al-Chiroq service can be used in Telegram bot via @Al_chiroqbot
  • As part of the service, the following service numbers are used: 7117, 7118, 7119, 7120, 7121, 7122.
  • Tariffication with the cost of 1 sum is made via invisible incoming SMS from 7118 number.
  • Tariffication with the cost of 100 sum is made via invisible incoming SMS from 7119 number.
  • Tariffication with a cost of 200 UZS is made via invisible incoming SMS from 7120.
  • Tariffication with a cost of 300 UZS is made through an invisible incoming SMS from the number 7121.
  • Tariffication with a cost of 500 UZS is made via invisible incoming SMS from 7122 number.

List of incompatible services:

  • On tariff plans Special Unlim, Special Unlim Turbo, Tantana Unlim, Special 70, Special 80, Special 80+, Special 100, Special 100+, Special 125, Special 125+, Active 100, Active BN FREE: 30 minutes, 60 minutes , 120 minutes, 180 minutes, 1000 minutes, 3000 minutes.
  • On tariff plans "Airplane Internet", Special Unlim, Special Unlim Turbo, Drive: Internet package 100 MB, Internet package 200 MB, Internet package 300 MB, Internet package 500 MB, Internet package 1000 MB, Internet package 5000 MB.
  • Subscribers of the «Dears» tariff plan cannot use the service.

To check the balance of the limits dial *467#. The balance of MB upon request *467# is valid at the time of closing all internet sessions.

The service is provided in partnership with the content provider First IT-Group LLC.
List of incompatible services:

  • Within the framework of the campaign, during the period from July 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 (inclusive), a drawing of prizes is held.
  • To participate in the drawing of prizes, the subscriber must subscribe to the Al Chiroq campaign.
  • The drawing consists of three levels, each with its own prize pool and maximum points limit.
  • The user of the campaign can be a participant in all three levels of the prize drawing at the same time.
  • Points are awarded in parallel across all levels.
  • Points are assigned according to the following mechanics:

Price Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
100 UZS (subscription fee of campaign Al Chiroq) 400 300 200
200 UZS 600 600 400
300 UZS 800 900 600
500 UZS 1 000 1 000 1 200

  • The maximum number of points for one period in the first level cannot exceed 20,000 points.
  • The maximum number of points for one period in the second level cannot exceed 60,000 points.
  • The maximum number of points in one period in the third level cannot exceed 120,000 points.
  • In-app user scores are displayed as a percentage from 0% to 100% in the status bar for each level individually.
  • After reaching the maximum threshold, the user gets the opportunity to win one of the prizes/bonus packages of services from the prize pool specified in the table below, which is recorded in the history of receiving prizes in the Al-Chiroq application.
  • When the maximum limit is reached, the status bar indicator resets to the initial 0% and points accumulation starts over again, with excess points left over from the last time being added (example: a user at level 2 has a total score of 59,900, the next day, for the action received 300 points, respectively, he accumulated 60 200. Since the maximum value is 60,000 points, he is assigned one of the second level prizes and then the points are reset to zero and the remainder is added - 200 points to his updated prize account).
  • To accumulate points, the user must perform an action, which means wiping the lamp and receiving one of the packages specified in the Campaign Conditions section. When accumulating the required number of points for each level and reaching 100% of the mark, the user is given the opportunity to win a valuable prize or a bonus package for communication services for an additional fee in accordance with the level for which he accumulated points.  The daily debiting of the monthly fee of 100 UZS is not an action, and until the user wipes the lamp, no points are assigned to him.
  • To receive a prize or a bonus package of services from the prize fund, the user needs to pay the cost of the prize by clicking on the "open prize" button for an appropriate additional fee:
    1st level - 100 UZS (including VAT);
    2nd level - 200 UZS (including VAT);
    3rd level - 300 UZS (including VAT).
  • Prize fund of the Al Chiroq campaign stage:

Level 1   Level 2   Level 3
Wired headphones Remax Mi Band 5 Apple iPad
Wireless earphones Remax Mi Band 6 Mi Band 6
Powerbank Smart Watch Amazfit Mi/Realme/Redmi smartphone
Mi Band 5 Mi/Realme/Redmi smartphone Smartphone Samsung
Smart Watch Amazfit Smartphone Samsung Apple iPhone 12 4/64
Internet package 1000 MB Internet package 2000 MB Internet package 5000 MB
Voice package 1000 minutes Voice package 2000 minutes Voice package 3000 minutes

  • Prizes/bonus packages of services are assigned in no particular order. In this case, the user can win one of the prizes/bonuses several times.
  • The prize fund will be updated with similar prizes as they run out in the organizer's warehouse.
  • The organizer of the drawing is "First IT-Group" LLC.
  • Prizes are provided by “First IT-Group” LLC.
  • Test numbers, employees of COSCOM LLC, First IT-Group LLC and their close relatives cannot participate in the drawing.
  • Participants of the Al Chiroq campaign are eligible to participate in the drawing.

  • Information about the purpose of the prize is stored in the history inside the application.
  • Prizes will not be delivered to draw winners. Information about the place where the prizes will be given out will be sent to the winners by phone or SMS.
  • The winner bears all travel expenses to and from the place of awarding the prize necessary for the presentation of the prize.
  • Traffic within the framework of bonus packages of services to users is provided to the subscriber number at the time of appointment.
  • Prizes are granted within 30 calendar days after informing the subscriber about the prize and the place where the prize is granted.
  • To receive physical prizes, the winning users are required to present the original identity document upon receipt of the prize, provide a scanned copy of the identity document, signed Acceptance Certificate provided by the Organizer. If necessary, the Organizer may require the provision of other necessary documents for the presentation of prizes. The Organizer, in turn, checks the compliance of the submitted documents for compliance with the available information in the Operator's database by e-mail request.
  • The Organizer has the right to refuse to issue a prize to the Participant in the event of:
- violation by the Participants of these terms and conditions of the campaign;
- failure to provide documents;
- inaction/action of the Participant, indicating his/her refusal to provide the documents necessary for the presentation of the prize;
- receipt of the Participant's refusal to receive the prize, sent in writing within 30 calendar days from the moment the Participant was informed about the victory;
- if the Participant refuses to sign the documents on the delivery of the prize.


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