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"MMS" – it is service of multimedia messages – technology allows to transfer from telephone to telephone pictures and images, audio and video clips. Sending multimedia messages is as simple as general SMS-messages.

Price of 1 outgoing MMS – 210.5 sum.

Price of incoming MMS – 0 sum.

The maximum size of an MMS – 200 KB.

 Warning! Outgoing MMS are charged by fact of being sent and no fund are recharged for all subscribers.

MMS service gives an opportunity:

 to send from your telephone photos of your loved friends and relatives, beautiful pictures or video clips, add your comments to them;

 to put into MMS-messages any favorite music or your own voice record, for example, holiday video-congratulations;

 to send text messages which are ten times larger than regular SMS-messages.


With "MMS-album" service you can receive and review MMS-messages not only from a mobile phone!

"MMS-album" service gives possibility to review MMS-messages which were sent to you by your PC (or other devices with internet access) in the following cases:

  • MMS service is not configured on a mobile phone;
  • Model of a mobile phone does not support MMS function;
  • If the receiving party was out of a network area at the moment of receiving MMS-message. If a subscriber out of the network area within 8 hours, in this case MMS-message will be sent to the "MMS-album" and the subscriber will receive SMS-message with link on album.

SMS message with a link on received MMS message comes from short number +3360. The text message contains a link for follow to authorization section where it is necessary to specify a phone number in +99893(4)XXXXXXX format in login section. Then specify password which is shown on a picture and press button "Receive password". Later, phone number should be specified again in +99893(4)XXXXXXX format, press button "continue" and specify password which was received by SMS and press button "Enter".

The service does not require connectivity.


Subscription fee for usage of the service - 0 sum.
Expenses only for the internet traffic, according to the size of the loaded image to view.

Additional information

  • The service works in case when MMS message cannot be delivered to a recipient.
  • It is possible to follow the link which is specified in a text of a message from +3360 number within 15 days.
  • link is available from PC or from a mobile phone if there is an internet connection.

MMS-Email service enables to send multimedia messages to Emai address containing images, video and sound.

To send MMS to E-mail. You need to create MMS-message in your handset and introduce recipient's E-mail address in the "To" field. Address should be introduced in the following view: name@address.xx.

Price of 1 outgoing MMS to E-mail – 210.5 sum.

Monthly fee for the service - 0 sum.


Email-MMS service enables to receive messages from Internet via Email containing images, video and voice.

To send message in the format of MMS to subscriber via Email in the field of "To:" subscriber address should be entered in following form: Subscriber number should be entered in international format.

The service is activated for all subscribers by default and does not require activation.

The service is free.

MMS settings

Settings of "Ucell MMS"

To start using service is very simple – it is needed to request automatic settings for connection of all services for your telephone model, sending SMS-message with 4 in text to 5555 number. After receiving and installing automatic settings restart your telephone and can start using service. Price of sending SMS to 5555 number = 0 sum.

If settings for your model of telephone somehow didn’t receive, you can connect independently using following settings.

  • Name of settings: Ucell MMS
  • Access Point Name: mms
  • Proxy server address (gateway):
  • Port number: 8080
  • Home page (Server address): http:⁄⁄mmsc:8002⁄

Internet/MMS settings in Smartphones on Android platform.

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