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Personal data updating

To update your personal data, please fill in the following fields.
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The attached file must be in jpg format and not exceed 1.5 MB.
The attached file must be in jpg format and not exceed 1.5 MB.
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Processing of personal data will be carried out within 72 hours after filing. After updating personal data, the Company will inform the subscriber via SMS notification.

Dear subscribers! We remind you that you can use the subscription service "Updating of personal data" only on the official website of COSCOM LLC. Any other Internet resources/ applications that will offer you to update your personal data in the database of COSCOM LLC (TM Ucell) may pose a threat to the confidentiality of your personal data.



1.1.    Subscriber - any individual reached eighteen years old and concluded a contract with the Company for 

the provision of mobile radiotelephone communication services (based on written consent of his parents or in loco parents between the ages of sixteen and eighteen) for the purpose of using mobile radiotelephone communication services and obtaining a subscriber number.

1.2.    Subscriber number means a number allocated by the Company for the validity period of an Agreement and identifying the connection of the subscriber device when other subscriber devices are connected to it.

1.3.    Personal data updating means the possibility to update or change the subscriber data in the Company database according to the actual data in the ID document.

1.4.    Company web-site means information resource of the Company on the Internet through 

HTTP / HTTPS protocols under the domain name and all domain names of the following levels.

1.5.    Web page means information resource located on the Website under the domain name, including all domain names of the following levels, intended for updating of personal data by subscribers.

1.6.    Subscriber ID documents:

    RUz citizen passport with valid registration;

    foreign citizen passport;

    officer ID, military ID + No.33 form (for, military officer and contractor soldiers);

    accreditation card (for diplomatic staff and missions);

    residence permit for foreign citizen with valid registration;

    residence permit or travel document for stateless person with valid registration;

    stateless person ID with valid registration;

    driver’s license (new type);

    ID-card of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

All the above documents may replace each other.

1.7.    Company means ῍COSCOM῎ LLC - an enterprise registered and operating in accordance with the 

legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, owning a mobile communication network, ensuring its construction, operation, development and provision of mobile communication services.

1.8.    Company Office - Any Company's own office for servicing individuals and legal entities, where subscribers 

can receive information and reference services, enter into contracts for mobile communication services and receive other types of services. 

1.9.    I PIN means 14 digits individuals personal identification number in ID documents.  This item is for the 

following documents:

    RUz citizen passport with the valid registration;

    driver’s license (new type);

    ID-card of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

1.10.    User means an individual using subscriber number SIM card registered under him in accordance with the Agreement on the provision of cellular radiotelephone communication services in the Prepaid system of the “COSCOM” LLC network. 

1.11.    Registration form means a form established by the Company with the information about Subscriber, 

subscriber’s number, selected by subscriber at an initial tariff plan which is an integral part of the Agreement and confirming the subscriber's full and unconditional acceptance of all conditions of the Public Offer. 

1.12.    Service means a service provided in the web page for personal data updating. 

1.13.    Fraud means a type of information technology fraud, in particular, unauthorized acts and unauthorized use of resources and services on communication networks. 

1.14.    Gateway means illegal (unauthorized) access to the telecommunications network in order to use and passing the international traffic bypassing the established protection systems. Hardware-software complex, server or any other equipment that transmits voice and/or non-voice information between the Company's network and other communication networks and provides an opportunity for persons using the Company's services to get access to other communication networks (including mobile, fixed-line, data transmission networks, etc.) and/or provide third parties with access to the Company's network". 

1.15.    Prepaid means a payment model with subscribers, implying a preliminary deposit of funds into a subscriber's personal account, which are subsequently spent to pay for the services received.

1.16.    SIM-card means an identification module with an integrated chip, which provides identification of the subscriber's device, its access to the mobile network, as well as protection against unauthorized use of the subscriber's number. 


2.1.    The Service enables the subscriber to update his/her personal data by filling in all required fields and 

providing a scanned form of a new identity document through the Website. 

2.2.    To update personal data on the Website, the subscriber shall enter his or her data in the appropriate 


    Subscriber’s full name;

Old document information

    Document type in accordance with the item 1.6; 

    Document series and number;

New document information

    Document type in accordance with the item 1.6;

    Document series and number:

    If ID-card of the citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan is selected:

-    address:

    I PIN;

    Numbers registered on the old ID documents;

    Contact number;

    Attach the scanned version of the subscriber ID document from the original in color format. In the provided scanned ID document, the subscriber's personalized data should be visually clear in full, including the subscriber's photo, series/number data of the document in the registration sheet. 

    If ID-card of the citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan is selected a scan copy of the front and back side of 

the document shall be submitted.

2.3.    The subscriber's full name and series, number of the document shall be entered into the system in the same alphabet font on which the ID document data (Latin, Cyrillic alphabet) is entered.

2.4.    The subscriber shall read these Terms of Service and tick the appropriate box for approval.

2.5.    If the registration stamp is visually difficult to identify, the subscriber writes the full address in the comments. 

2.6.    Personal data updating will be carried out in case of: 

    ID document change for the reasons:

-    validity date expiration; 

-    marriage/divorce;

-    first name/surname change;

-    loss/theft/others.

    Subscriber’s personal data entered inaccurate by the Company or Dealer. 

2.7.    Approving the Rules for the provision of services the subscriber will:

    Accept the terms of re-registration of data numbers in accordance with the ID document;

    undertakes to independently get acquainted with the official information of the Company, including the current version of the Public Offer, information on changes in the list of provided services, tariffs, terms and conditions of providing Services on the Company's website;

    accepts the blocking of numbers that have registered on the old ID document after data update. 

2.8.    The Company has the right to unilaterally change these Terms of Service at any time. In this case, the subscriber undertakes to get acquainted with the changes independently. 

2.9.    The Company is not responsible for reliability, completeness and accuracy of data provided by Subscriber, and in case of their inconsistency with actual data, has the right to refuse to update personal data. 

2.10.    After successful updating of personal data, an SMS notification from the Company will be sent to the subscriber’s contact numbers.  SMS-notification is for information only. 

2.11.    The personal data updating period may reach 3 working days from the date of application to the Company. 

2.12.    In case of inconsistency of subscriber data indicated on the web page with the data in the Company system, the update will not be carried out. In this case, subscriber shall come to one of the offices of the Company. 

2.13.    If the Company has sufficient grounds to believe that the Service is used for illegal and/or commercial purposes, the subscriber's access to the Service may be suspended or terminated without prior and subsequent notification. 

2.14.    In case of violation of any terms and conditions of these Rules by a subscriber, the Company may block subscriber numbers registered on this subscriber without prior and subsequent notification. 

2.15.    All disputes and disagreements that may arise between the Parties shall be settled through negotiations. If it is impossible to settle them, disputes and disagreements shall be settled in court at the location of the Company in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

2.16.    The Subscriber agrees that he/she is responsible for reliability, completeness and accuracy of the information provided within the framework of the Service.  

2.17.    The Company has the right to refuse to update personal data in cases:  

    any discrepancies between the data specified by the subscriber when updating the new ID document and the actual data;

    if the provision of the services may pose a threat to the security and defence capability of the State, or to the health and safety of people;  

    if the user operates the presented equipment in violation of the rules of technical operation, as well as when using equipment that does not meet the established procedure of its certification; 

    in cases when subscriber numbers are used for installation of gateways, access to the fixed communication network and IP-telephony, and other activities resulting in violation of the Company's equipment and communication devices.  

Illegal use of a subscriber number is punishable under articles of the Administrative Liability Code and the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan: 

article 155-2. Illegal (unauthorized) access to telecommunications network of the Administrative Liability Code and article 278-3. Manufacturing for sale or sale and distribution of special means for obtaining illegal (unauthorized) access to computer system and telecommunication networks, article 278-7. Illegal (unauthorized) access to telecommunication networks. 

2.18.    These Rules are the Public Offer, conditions of which are established by the Company independently in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Relationship between the parties not stipulated by these Rules shall be governed by the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

2.19.    All annexes, modifications and amendments to these Rules shall constitute an integral part thereof. In case of discrepancies in any of the provisions of these Rules, the Uzbek language shall prevail.


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