«APEX INSURANCE» JSC for individuals

«APEX INSURANCE» JSC for Ucell users

Insurance policy can now be obtained at UCELL offices.

Insurance of the UCELL users by “APEX INSURANCE” JSC is a new joint service, available for our subscribers in the Company’s own offices.

“APEX INSURANCE” can cover with insurance everything of value to you.

Benefits of insurance for Ucell users:

  Quick: registration of insurance service withn 1 minute in a friendly atmosphere of Ucell office;

  Simple and clear products;

  No documents are required to obtain the policy;

  No inspection of the object of insurance or questionnaire of the insured is required;

  You can obtain insurance as a gift for family and friends;

  Fixed amount insured and premium.

Type of insurance services

Property insurance of individuals
Accident insurance - a type of personal insurance. It is intended to compensate for damages caused by the loss of health or death of the insured.
Device insurance - insurance for a wide range of risks, including mechanical damage associated with a fall caused by liquid. Includes insurance against theft or robbery.
Other types of insurance.

Method of payment

• Payme app
• UzumBank app
• PayNet terminals
• Kapital Bank terminals

*To register, you need to present an identity proving document.

Sug‘urta mahsulotlari

Insurance products / types of insurance::

  • 1. Accident insurance Elders Care Plan.

    You have older relatives, parents, loved ones? So this plan is for you. Our country traditionally demonstrates a respectful attitude towards the older generation. This is the reason why most of our clients buy this particular plan.
    Program of insurance of user’s relatives is a solution for unexpected injuries and health consequences for relatives (parents/children) of Ucell users. “APEX INSURANCE” will cover the risks associated with temporary disability, disability, and infectious diseases, reimbursing the cost of treatment and hospitalization.

  • 2. Accident insurance My Children Plan.

    You have children? Then we recommend that you buy this product. All loving parents worry about their children. It’s not always possible to control everything. This program will protect all of your children from accidents at once. Most of our clients obtain an insurance policy in favor of their children.

  • 3. Property insurance My House Plan.

    Faulty pipes or wiring can cause flooding or fire. Compensation for losses will be easier with the policy “My House” from APEX INSURANCE. The insurance company will reimburse you for damages due to fire, theft, or flooding of your home, or reimburse your neighbors for you.

  • 4. Vehicle insurance Issue of an E-policy for CMTPL insurance

    You have a car? Then you just need an CMTPL insurance policy. Obtaining of a CMTPL insurance policy has become much easier. In our offices you can obtain a CMTPL insurance policy in electronic form.

  • 5. Vehicle insurance CNC insurance

    CNC insurance policy is protection for drivers who want to buy a classic full insurance coverage for their car for a whole year and drive without restrictions. Car insurance against accidents, fire, natural disasters, falling of foreign objects on the car and other risks.

  • 6. Do you want your gadget to be protected from risks?

    - We will take care of your phone!

    Physical impact

    (Protection against falling, external damage to the gadget) 

    Exposure of electric current

    (Overvoltage protection)

    • Fluid Exposure

    (Protecting your gadget from various liquids)

    Illegal actions of third parties

    (Stealing your gadget)


    (Exposure to fire and high temperature, spontaneous combustion)
    When you buy an electronic device (smartphone, phone or tablet) or home appliances, you can protect your property from various mishaps. “Purchase Protection” insurance program will reliably protect you from unexpected expenses and save you money.
    If you have damaged your device or it was stolen, we will repair or reimburse the cost of the gadget.
    The main terms and conditions of the Policy:

    Insurance coverage: from UZS 1 000 000 to UZS 20 000 000 
    Insurance premium: from UZS 68 000 (amount of policy)
    Deductible franchise: 20% (in case of loss compensation this amount is always paid by the Insurant)
    Duration of the Policy: 1 year on the entire territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan
    The date of conclusion of the Policy is the date of payment of the insurance premium. The Policy takes effect at 00:00 a.m. on the day following the date of activation.

    The insurance accepts:
    - new electronic and home appliances (date of purchase of device = date of purchase of insurance);
    - under warranty service, in good working order and without any external damage at the time of conclusion of the Policy;
    - located within the Republic of Uzbekistan;
    - with identification data - IMEI/serial number;
    - used for personal needs.
    The insurance coverage applies only to one item of electronic equipment purchased in the Company's own offices. The item is indicated on the cash voucher confirming payment and the date of its purchase. This date is equal to the date of payment of the insurance premium (policy).



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