How to pay

How to pay

Here you will be informed about how to pay the services of Company.

Payment of services of cellular radiotelephone are made in cash or non-cash methods.

Cash payment

Payment in national currency can be produced by Clients – individual person. Payment can be produced at the following points of purchase of company:

  • Mobile City Ucell (Tashkent city, V.Vakhidova str., 118);
  • Branches of Ucell;
  • Sales and service centers of Ucell;
  • Mini-offices of Ucell;
  • Payment points PAYNET.

Cashless payment

Payment by bank transfer for the company services is carried out on the basis of monthly invoices and / or invoices for payment. Payment must be made to the current account of the company, indicated in the invoice.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that payments made by bank transfer can be reflected on the customer's personal account on the day of the transaction on bank-client system, but become available only after approval by the employee of the company. The approval of the received payments is carried out from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00. In this regard, we recommend to pay for communication services taking into account the calculation of the time required for reconciliation and payment approval.
You can get a monthly bill for payment by contacting the company office. You can also use the paid service "Delivery of invoices". In this case, the documents for payment, indicating the amount of payment and the account number will be delivered to the address specified by you.

Сashless payment also can be effected the following ways:

Payment by sum plastic bank cards

We also accept for payments following plastic sum cards of banks of Republic of Uzbekistan.

Name of banks, whose plastic cards are accepted for payments at Ucell
1. National bank of Uzbekistan
2. "Asaka" Bank
3. Joint-stock commercial "Paxtabank"
4. National bank
5. "Uzprivatbank"
6. Ipoteka Bank
7. "Trustbank"
8. Aloqa bank
9. Joint-stock commercial "Kapital Bank"
10. Joint-stock commercial "Savdogar Bank "
11. Joint-stock commercial "Galla Bank"
12. Joint-stock commercial "Turon Bank"
13. Joint-stock commercial "Hamkor Bank"
14. Uzbek-Turkish Bank
15. Joint-stock commercial "Tadbirkor Bank "
16. Joint-stock commercial "Ipak Yuli"


Payments by plastic bank cards

If you are not resident of Republic of Uzbekistan, but connected to our network, you have opportunity to pay services by VISA Classic, VISA Business и VISA Gold cards. However, to fulfill payments by plastic cards can be made only in Mobile City Ucell which at following address Tashkent city, V.Vakhidova str., 118.

Payments at payment points PAYNET

Subscribers of our company (except juridical people) have an opportunity to pay services of cellular communications at any points of PAYNET. In order to pay this way, you need to fill in a request for filling account, where you indicate amount of payment which you want to enter and your telephone number to which payments will be entered.

The payment for the Ucell’s services made by Private people, in the Paynet’s points of payment, is done in accordance with the rules set by JV LLC "UZPAYNET".

We remind you that when paying via Payment systems, you should compulsorily fill in application and specify your Ucell number in the international format: 998 93 ХХХХХХХ or 998 94 ХХХХХХХ. Subscriber-payer is responsible for incorrectly specified telephone number in recharge application. Be cautious!!!

After fulfillment of payments you will be given cash cheque, also information cheque comprising information about amount of entered payment, telephone number to which payment must be received , date and time of payment, also other accompanying information.

More refill opportunities through Paynet

Now in PAYNET you can also to refill your account  by means of activation of special code via USSD.

Once you’ve made a payment the agent of PAYNET can activate this code on your mobile phone or he will give you a receipt where you can find 10-digit secret code.  This code you can send in USSD-request, and your account will be recharged.

To make a payment, please dial *177*10-digit code# (where 10-digit code is 10-digit secret code, printed in receipt) on your mobile phone and press call button. In case of succesfull payment, you will receive SMS confirmation:

"08-02-12 v 09:00:00 na Vash schyot postupilo _____ sum. Vash balans: $______. Tip plateja - Platejnaya sistema PAYNET"

If you havn’t got such confirmation or you’ve got failure message and if your refill attempt with this secret code was unsecessfull, please immediately refer to the PAYNET Agent and follow his/her instructions. Please, be aware that after three unsuccessfull attempts your mobile number will be blocked for payments by PAYNET system by for the next one hour. That’s why please be maximum attentive when activating the payment, especially when dialing the code.

For your convenience, we recommend you to make USSD-request with secret number just after the payment in Paynet’s office and for confidentiality reasons, we advise you not to show the secret code to third parties.


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